Foresight turns 20!

Since its establishment in 1997, Foresight Industries Sdn Bhd has since grown and developed into one of Malaysia’s leading manufacturers and distributors of medical and surgical disposable products.

To celebrate our 20-year adventure and the countless accolades we have achieved thus far, a grand anniversary dinner was held on the 11th  of November 2017; made all the more momentous and joyful by the attendance of the invaluable friends Foresight has made throughout its journey and, most importantly, the irreplaceable Foresight family.

Here are some of the photos taken on the night…


Our chairman, Dato’ Muhammad Zohadie Bardaie, delivering the welcoming address to everyone in attendance

Selfies all around!

Foresight’s own – talented singers!

Best-dressed award interview!

Foresight’s own – talented dancers!

Happy 20, Foresight!

Smiles all around!

Our long service award winners!